Danes are being offered discounted all-inclusive holidays in return for having children as part of a viral video campaign credited with increasing the country’s birth rate.

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They have violated the privacy of two individuals, caused irreparable damage to a young girl.

It is an act as wanton as public disrobing of a woman.

Instead of resorting to the usual litany of excuses, calling the CD a result of editing and morphing, he should have stood up firm against this criminal violation of privacy.

Like Mewani, he should have proudly talked about the right to consensual sex and taken those behind this "expose" to court.

But unlike the mullahs I do not drink the blood of Pakistanis.

Impressed by his forthrightness, the crowd began chanting: . Wish Patel also had the pluck to say that he is just carrying on with the tradition of our ancestors and fulfilling the duty entrusted upon him by nature to propagate life and civilisation.Since the girl has not objected to it, how exactly is Patel—a single man ready to mingle like all others of his age—a blot on the Patidars, a stain on Gujarati ?In fact, those who have filmed this private, consensual act and released it for public consumption are the real blot on the society.Will it help the Patidars get a reservation, its youth more employment?The only reasons for denouncing sex should be its illegality, implying that it was a result of coercion or physical assault.To add to what Dalit activist Jignesh Mewani has tweeted, sex is not just a fundamental right, it is a fundamental duty most of us and our ancestors have proudly done over the ages.