I’m at a red light in Los Angeles on Melrose and Gower.A Honda Civic pulls up beside me and I unwillingly cringe.There I was, trundling to the neighborhood tennis courts in my hometown of Montreal to meet my best friend for a game when a rusty tuna-can of a car — an ’84 red Civic — huffed by slowly.

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For years I was paranoid I’d catch a driver jerking off, his hopes of running into some slow-moving road prey answered by the unlucky likes of me.

I mean, it has happened eleven times over the course of my life.

Sorrentino says “they just to be masturbating, and it so happens that they are in the car and that [a woman has] seen them.” From the emails and my experience, I recognized a second group of masturbating motorists who are self-righteous and embody an air of entitlement. Take the marketing executive from Jersey who emailed me, claiming to be worthy of a doctorate in masturbation “if it were an academic field of study.” He readily admitted to keeping a towel — crusty, no doubt — in his backseat for convenience and cleanliness. To drive himself over the edge, all he needs is to masturbate to the thought of being surrounded by thousands of unsuspecting commuters.

Another man who wrote to me from London could slide into this category as well.

He argued that whoever catches him stroking and steering is just asking for it.

“Everyone in their car expects a reasonable amount of privacy,” he wrote.

I naturally peered into the vehicle only to find him frantically tugging between his legs.

I’d never seen a real-life phallus before, only in my father’s smut magazines stored in his bedroom closet.

She adds that girls between ten and fourteen are the most common victims of inappropriate behavior.

“Not only were you by yourself, you were a kid, so vulnerability was increased and detection less likely.” As a more mature young adult, I would have yelled, kicked, called 911 or at the very least taken down his license plate number. Instead, this perv revolted me, violated me, and used me as some sort of live ammunition in order to unload.

compared to others that fall under that same sex, gender, and age bracket,” Sorrentino says.