Don't trust i Cloud to have all of your photos backed up.

You Also Can't Miss: How to Free up Space on i OS 9 Devices Actually, when your device has no available storage, you probably won't need to delete anything to do it.

Therefore, in order to install i OS 8, most people have to delete their apps, photos, music and more to make room for the software upgrade.

For example, an i OS user named Docd said that he just needed 23.6 GB to back up his i Phone and i Pad, while he needs additional 17 GB to backup after i OS 8 update.

If you are struck in the same situation and you are hesitate whether should you upgrade your i Cloud storage plan.

Spotlight Suggestions Doesn't Work After i OS 8 Update Q 23. If you are upgrading from an Android phone, you can check this Android to i Phone 7 Data Transferring Guide. (You might be prompted to update to 7.1.2 instead of i OS 8—update that first, then it'll prompt you for i OS 8.) If you have a 16 GB phone, 5 GB means a massive chunk of your photos, videos, music and apps.

How to Make i Phone 4s Perform Better on i OS 8 Q 26. If you want to get a new i Phone 7 to replace the current old i Phone, don't forget to transfer everything to your new i Phone 7.

After turning the i Phone on, you'll simply see a blank screen or the Apple logo, but nothing else happens. Turn your device off by holding down the Sleep button. Connect your i Phone to your computer and start i Tunes. Hold down both the Sleep and Home button for about 10 seconds. Release the Sleep button and keep holding the Home button until a message appears in i Tunes. Select your device, and click Restore option under Summary.

After trying the methods above, if you still fail to fix this problem, please try to fix it by following this guide: How to Fix: i Phone i Pad Stuck on Apple Logo After i OS Update After updating to i OS 8/i OS 8.2, many users found that they need much more i Cloud storage space to backup their i Phone, i Pad or i Pod touch.

Now check these common i OS 8 problems and solutions and fix them by following this i Mobie Guide. Don't Have Enough Free Space to Upgrade i OS 8 Q 2. Related Reading: How to Install i OS 8 on i Tunes Many users complained that the update gets stuck when downloading and installing the i OS 8, and fail to upgrade.

Get Stuck during i OS 8.2 Download and Installation Q 3. This is a common i OS 8 issue, with the following tips, both of basic users and advanced users can solve this problem easily. Usually, the i OS 8 update process takes a while to complete.

This post collects the most common i Phone i Pad update problems for i OS 8. To safeguard your photos, the safest method is to transfer photos to computer first, then delete photos from your i Phone. Delete Apps and Games Focus on those apps and games that occupy too much space, or that you don't use that much, even ones that can be easily replaced once the i OS 8 update is finished.