I have also learned a lot about how to remain calm about your skin and how to deal with social situations.I found it so hard to remain on a healthy diet and yet not be stressed about it!I started taking some of the supplements that you recommend and my skin is clear!!! I knew that I needed a change in my life and I also know that nothing I had tried worked long term.

I was slightly scared of switching to using oils on my skin but boy am I glad I did. I am still getting a few on my jawline just before my period, but this is nothing like what it used to be and it clears up pretty quickly. I don't have to worry about buying expensive product or if I'll run out. He's now my boyfriend and the sweetest guy ever : D...

I was also a bit concerned about whether I could make some of the lifestyle changes with my hectic scheduled but I have managed it all ok, it wasn't that hard. My skin feels soothed, not irritated and my scars are beginning to fade too. I've also been asked out by two other guys without wearing makeup too!

I still don't feel like my skin is gorgeous, I still notice the flaws, but that's getting better. - Vera, 32, Australia I'm going on 7 months of clear skin thanks to you! I’m not just talking great health and a gorgeous complexion (although I certainly can and will help you get both of those things!

I can go to my boyfriends or to work without make up and not have anxiety about how I look. The longest period of clear skin I've had in what seems like forever. ), but I’m talking also about doing the really deep work that you need to do to deal with the emotions around acne, and finally get a handle on what YOU need in order to create and keep your skin gorgeous for the rest of your life.

I feel much happier, my skin has cleared up and I only get the occasional break out and I haven't had cystic acne since starting bootcamp four months ago.

I finally feel like I am living and it's such a good feeling.

I also feel good about using more natural products on my skin and not those filled with parabens and other sorts of chemicals!

- Orisa S, 42, North Carolina Before the bootcamp my skin consumed me.

I also learned about candida to heal my seborrheic dermatitis.

I have actually learned a lot and have made so many positive changes to my life because of you! Since adopting a healthier diet, managing stress and using the caveman regimen my skin has cleared up tremendously.

I feel in more control of my skin now, I don't have to worry about the fact that if I break out I will have to wait to get into a doctors or dermatologists to fix it.