In Share Point, create a Document Library to store Info Path form templates that will be used as content types.Create this document library on the same site on which you want to create the content type.This form has several hundred fields on it and we are promoting about 170 of them into the Share Point library. We’ve had this form in place for a few years and have never had trouble publishing and promoting the form.

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That either means that it’s not a timeout issue or we are not finding the correct timeout to increase.

We do know that it fails after 2 minutes in production, but when we run it in test, it always runs less than 2 minutes and succeeds.

Click on "Publish" and your form will get published as a content type.

Karl N_837 on Wed, The background: We have an Info Path 2010 form that is tied to a Share Point 2013 document library.

We then publish the Info Path form and connect the column from the form to the newly created column.

The issue: A few months ago we added new fields to the form that we wanted promoted into our library.

The problem is that creating multiple libraries and developing multiple forms can be costly.

Info Path 2007 allows you to publish forms as content types.

And, increasing the limit may not matter if the process is trying to do something it can't.