[[email protected] ~]$ ipa dns-update-system-records --dry-run IPA DNS records: _kerberos-master._tcp.

Examples of server configuration: Using nsupdate without authentication is discouraged.

server ; IPA DNS records update delete _kerberos-master._tcp. Details about GSS-API is out of scope of this document, for simplification we will assume Kerberos V5 as used technology for GSS-API ("kerberized" DNS servers are usually the most used).

Theoretically, it is possible to use remote CRUD operations with transport functions, similar to the above examples that use local data, but this is rarely required.

Each of the CRUD operation settings—read, update, create, destroy—provides some common transport settings that need to be set accordingly: service defined by the Data Source transport should return data in the expected format—JSON, JSONP, XML, o Data. If the response is not a plain array of objects, a does not match the number of returned items, which is normal when using server paging—the server response contains only the items from the current page, but information about the total number of items is provided, so that a correct paging interface can be generated, if needed.

In both cases the CRUD operations are managed by the Kendo UI Data Source Important All transport actions (read, update, create, destroy) must be defined in the same way—for example, as functions (when using local or custom transport), or as objects (when using remote transport).

It is not possible to mix the two configuration alternatives.

For these cases the exported file must be amended by following options (at the beginning of the file): [[email protected] ~]$ cat ipa-records.nsupdate zone Server configuration examples: More details about nsupdate with TSIG and how to generate keyfiles can be found here GSS-TSIG mechanism uses GSS-API for getting secret TSIG key.

86400 IN AAAA 2001:db8::4e:21a:4aff:fe23 send relies on auto-detection of the zone where records should be updated and the authoritative server of that zone. However in non-standard DNS setup or missing zone delegations, nsupdate may not be able to find the right zone and server. The DNS server must be configured and both server and client must have the particular shared key to allow updates.

Though the examples below use the Grid as a sample, the configurations apply to any other widget or scenario.

The Data Source component can work with local data or remote data.

In other words, the Kendo UI Data Source will not make any HTTP requests on its own.