Below are some efficient ways to fix i OS 11 activation error and get your i Phone activated smoothly. Wait and Retry If your i Phone could not be activated due to activation server is temporarily unavailable or cannot be reached, it's better to wait.If you are trying to activate a different carrier on a locked i Phone or your i Phone is recently purchased from your carrier, it will not get activated until it is unlocked by the carrier.

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i OS Update (i Tunes) Automatic i OS Update Optional i OS Update i OS Update (i Tunes) To update the Apple i Phone 5 to i OS 8, i Tunes version 11 or later must be installed on the computer prior to installing the update.

The i Phone’s Touch ID fingerprint unlocking is one of the most intuitive security features in consumer technology.

But like anything, Touch ID is really great until it isn’t.

Your fingerprints are, after all, readily available, and it’s not that hard for someone to force you to press a button to unlock your phone, which, let’s face it, is probably packed with all kinds of private information, like credit card numbers, search histories, or clandestine texts.

Now you may consider to restore your i Phone using recovery mode.

After entering recovery mode, run i Tunes and i Tunes will detect your device in recovery mode and require it to be updated or restored.

Whether it’s protecting your data from warrantless searches or your private information from nefarious hackers, it’s super important to have all latest security features on deck.

Plus the new face-unlocking feature looks pretty cool, too.

At that time, the company was lauded as a champion of civil liberties to the deep annoyance of the FBI, and it’s hard to imagine law enforcement will to be too thrilled about this new feature, either.

(The FBI eventually found a third-party company to break into the i Phone in question.) So don’t sleep on the new i Phone update.

The good news is that Apple’s next i Phone update, slated to be released this fall, will come with a new feature that lets users quickly disable Touch ID as a way to unlock the phone.