At a glance, it looks like any other capsules sold over the pharmacy counter.

spasmo proxyvon plus hindi jankari-71

When a person abuses these drugs, it stimulates excess secretion of dopamine in the brain causing a euphoric feeling.

BNCA’s deputy chief counsellor, Sonam Jamtsho said that the euphoric feeling then becomes addictive whereby the dosage of the drug intake also increases with time.

Thimphu referral hospital’s clinical officer, Kunzang Tenzin warns that a maximum of four doses in 24 hours (five grams) is a lethal dosage.

The recommended dosage of paracetamol is 1,000mg and up to 4000mg a day for adults.

may be only i feel thirsty......i am addicted to this..that... next post friend i strytill using this fuckin drug...

you also experience hallucination if you popped so much .... i cant leave it..i completely failed to leave leave it for 1 week then again 8 th day i ran to the shop for having spasmo proxyvn... most of time i think of this only.of my pocket money is spent on this drug.. i cant find any mental problem...i discover that what is the condition of my inside body specially my tummy..

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spasmo proxyvon is a pain killer which is used to genrally for stomach pain treating functional bowel disorders oootherway its has very much side effects first of all it is so much addictive...