If you mean literally what they are like to look at as opposed to getting into a big conversation about gender, then I’d say penises and balls are really object-y so you can really get in there with the description of the shadows and the weight of it.

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I especially love it when a dick is in between erect and flaccid and is not quite erect, but is heavy.

Anuses are really difficult, because there’s not much going on necessarily.

The space was framed by three of her wall paintings and covered by a vast, paint-splattered floor fabric.

We caught up with Celia to find out about the performance, plus her new strap-on, painting penis Vs. The Fiorucci performance in 2014 was the first formal iteration of what me and Sam did at the Serpentine.

Everything on the deep net is very home-made looking and lo-fi.

Why have you chosen to work with sound and how do you like it?I can think of it in terms of line and texture and dark and light and dynamics, in the same way I do with painting, but without that burden. How different is it than painting the smaller ones? You use your arms and shoulders when you work, rather than your wrist.Sometimes knowing too much of a particular thing academically can be inhibiting creatively I think Can we talk a bit about your paintings look like landscapes or still lives because some of them become half abstract. This big one is going to a show at Cheim and Read in New York about women looking at men and the female gaze. I did an homage to that recently because I bought a strap-on. I sometimes prefer it actually – it’s more physical. I started with an agenda, politically, but the social dynamics are more complex than I initially imagined.I think if there is a difference it’s more to do with how much I know a person and the chemistry between me and the person I’m painting.Perhaps because I have a vagina I approach a vagina painting with a different kind of curiosity.Just a painting of food on a plate but way he did it, it was like a supernatural being. Are there any of your contemporaries who you feel an affinity to?