This is because so many of us can’t get their heads around getting so personal for money – let alone for the world to see – with some deeming getting sexual on camera to be ‘immoral’ despite using it as entertainment.But Kitty is adamant that this view is incredibly reductive – explaining that so far, her experience with porn has been brilliant.My plans for porn are to make a career out of it while I can continue producing content that I enjoy creating and for others to enjoy watching.

Online sex cam of my self-26

Online sex cam of my self video

Some customers log onto the cam sites simply to talk to the models – while others join chat rooms in hopes of the models living out their fetishes.

At first, Kitty brushed off the idea of camming, assuming that webcam shows were just ‘full on porn’.

‘Porn is definitely something I feel strongly about as its very empowering for me so I love to show others expressing their sexuality in creative and unique ways.’ While Kitty’s cam shows feature mainly masturbation and offering clients an online experience catered solely to their fetishes, with porn, Kitty’s going to be expected to actually live out these fetishes – which she says is something she’s really excited about.

‘I’m wanting to explore my own sexuality a little so if I get to shoot something I’m not familiar with, for example a new fetish, it’s all the more fun! ‘I’ve already found a lot about myself through webcamming alone.

‘Going into the porn industry felt like a very natural decision for me after modelling for years, being a cam girl for years, and being a very sexual person.

Being involved in all of this it felt like something I wanted to try.

‘Like everything, there’s bad people and good people.

When there’s someone bad in the porn industry it’s in the limelight so it gets shown and spoken about more. ‘A few days ago I went to the porn awards and everyone was absolutely lovely.

Of course, what with Kitty meeting all types of strangers on the internet, we just had to ask her about the strangest request she’d ever received from a customer.

She told us: ‘I think the strangest thing still to this day was when I first started.

She thinks it’s important that others realise how beneficial it has been for her, not just financially speaking. I get so many customers telling me how I am beautiful. I’ve never done something on cam I haven’t wanted to do because I just say no. ‘My body is something I’ve always been worried about. You know that saying, don’t bring your problems to work, bring your solutions? Kitty explained: ‘I’ve been creating my own pornographic content on my official website for a while.