By that time, he'd moved on to a woman who could appreciate him for who he is not for his wallet. Be real about what you look like and let a man decide whether he wants to meet you based on your current pictures.Mistake # 7: False advertising How many times have you gone on a date and met a man who looked nothing like his picture? A lot of women think, oh if he just gets to know me... I knew a man who fell in what I like to call "strong like" with a woman's picture.

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Many men are on dating sites to find true love, not a threesome.

Let him decide if whatever you’re bringing along is something he wants before you both haul yourselves out in public for the face-to-face meeting.

You can tell them what traits you want in a man, but don’t write about all the ways he can serve your needs. If you’ve spent time messaging, texting, or talking to a guy for a period of time, and you’re not willing to meet whether it be because you’re busy, not that into them, got serious with another guy, whatever, you should tell him and break off communication. Not so much that he contemplates your potential stalker-ness, but not so inadequately that he thinks you don’t like him. Unfortunately, some men automatically think you’re insane and flaky. So, just some advice, if you’re in your forties, you may want to be a little aloof (but still approachable) unless you want to scare your date away.

In fact, your profile should be 75% about you, and 25% about the type of person you’re seeking. Everyone is happy, likes music, movies and walks on the beach. Liking Willie Nelson is much different than 5 Finger Death Punch. You don’t have to divulge every little bitty reason, but you should at least tell him something, even if it’s “Yeah, I’m going in a different direction.” Now, I’m not talking about some Joe Schmo you messaged maybe once or twice. If you’re not feeling it for the guy, be honest, but kind. It isn’t your fault, it’s an unfortunate PR problem for your age group, and it sucks, but less so if you’re aware of it.

Mistake #6: Making demands Nothing irritates a man more than a woman who makes salary or entertainment demands in her profile.

Even financially successful men have told me this is a huge turn-off.

She met a good guy and ended up cutting him loose because he had no interest in supporting her culinary expenses.

Funny thing is, about a year later, she wanted him back because she came to realize there was more to a relationship than just money.

Here's a tip: Leave anything that has a reference to sex out of your profile and your picture.