Due to numerous questions ask by our readers/visitors everyday through our mail and we have decided to use this post in answering this numerous questions.

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2) It is cost free unslike having a chat in a club or bar were you will have to buy drinks probably pay gate fee and at the end you may not still win her but when it comes to online dating site you do not spend a dime except the time spend on sending the messages online.

3) Opportunity to meet millions of people around the world 4) It save time because it’s less stressful than offline 5) It’s really fun and most importantly it works Disadvantages of online dating 1) Finding perfect match is always hard 2) There are many fake profiles when it comes to online dating 3) There are many old adults in free online dating sites which deprived it from been fun when discovered 4) Safety must be at the forefront of your mind, both when giving personal information to individuals you don’t know and if you choose to meet a potential mate in person In the post, I have been able to answer some of the questions when it comes to online dating and also outlining the best three (3) free online dating sites in the world which have been confirmed genuine from our analysis and also from testimonies from client so do visit the above mention sites if you ever needs free online dating sites around the world.

Such companies offer a wide variety of un-moderated matchmaking services, most of which are profile-based.

Online dating is also a platform of meeting new peoples from various part of the world and establishes relationships with peoples both male and female as many people have giving testimonies of meeting their spouse online.

A friend of mine Nicholas sparteq once told me of establishing a relationship with a girl he made online and at the end of the drama,she became his wife.

So that was that let us get down to the main thing of the day so as to answer the various questions ask about free dating sites available.Read Also: Sugar mummy Antonia from texas need a serious relationship Biggest drawback: In the online dating world, with free sites come users who don’t take the site seriously.Although some advanced features must be purchased, the full-feature dating site is basically free to all users.Ok Cupid was created by a student of havard university but later acquired by a division of in 2011 Features of Ok Cupid Here are the most common features of features of Ok Cupid which makes it different from other free online dating sites in the world today.Mainstream and rather unchanged, Ok Cupid has not decreased in popularity even as new dating apps hit the market every month – which only goes to show the effectiveness of the site’s simplicity.I provided a handy link so you can check each one out and see if any work for you.