Background: Heterosexism is defined as an assumption that heterosexuality is the only legitimate type of sexuality, was introduced by Herek (1996) to conceptualize discrimination against lesbian and gay men.

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A Longitudinal Study of the Personal Well-Being and Family Quality of Life Among Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong Ch 3.

Positive Youth Development in Junior Secondary School Students: Do Gender and Time Matter? Parental Behavioral Control, Parental Psychological Control and Parent-Child Relational Qualities: Relationships to Chinese Adolescent Risk Behavior Ch 5.

hl=zh-TW&lr=&id=DCZRBAAAQBAJ&oi=fnd&pg=PR5&ots=u2s XBCy1x Q&sig=MR3VVLD62o-B6X_Hj Vy Wo57M9zc&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false Daniel T. Generally speaking, higher levels of positive youth development and family functioning predicted lower delinquency in the junior secondary school years.

ICER 2014 & APEC-Khon Kaen International Symposium 2014 (The 7th International Conference on Educational Research: Challenging education for future change & APEC–Khon Kaen International Symposium: Emergency Preparedness Education: Learning from experience, science of disasters, and preparing for the future)International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (IAIMTE) International Conference: When East Meets West: The teaching and learning of reading and writing in the multilingual and multicultural context Background: Kwaa-sing-bit is a Chinese word that can be loosely translated to mean a transgender or gender variant individual.

In this chapter I discuss students' political participation at crucial and important moments in Hong Kong's modern history, where it was most prominent and effectual, drawing public and governmental attention.

Issues are always seriously influential and publicly interested with their values or mass mobilizations.

Very limited research has been conducted to examine the training experiences of social workers on transgender issues in both international and local context.

Methodology and preliminary results: This presentation will focus on our understandings of Hong Kong social work students' learning experience on transgender issues.

This book documents the findings of a 3-year longitudinal study on the quality of family life, personal well-being and risk behavior in Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong.