Camper & Nicholsons only built nine similar tenders to Gelyce in the company's former dockyard in Gosport, Hants, between 19 - several of which were for the use of Nicholson family members.The name Gelyce is an amalgam of the Nicholson brothers' wives names - Gertie, Lucy & Constance.The first school I remember is the Old Vicarage School , halfway up Richmond Hill in London. I had a friend - I'm afraid I can't remember her name - who lived between the school and my home and sometimes I'd be allowed to go to her house. I'd just started and I was taking dirty plates into the kitchen after Upper Supper.

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The engine was restored by Brian Bax at Tim Walker Restorations.

Beneath the deck, in front of the boat's engine, is an area large enough to fit a double bed in.

An historic motorboat that used to ferry around the rich and famous has been lovingly restored to its former glory and is now worth £2million.

The Gelyce, which sailed the America's Cup around in the 1930s, is now valued at the staggering figure following extensive restoration - two years after it was snapped up for around £20,000.

Sadly she never tasted America's Cup success - although Sir Thomas Lipton's well publicised efforts to win it earned him a specially designed cup for 'the best of all losers'.

It also made his tea famous in the United States, and he was inducted into the America's Cup Hall of Fame in 1993.But the outbreak of war meant her life as a tender was relatively shortlived, and she was then used as a vessel in the barrage balloon effort to fend off low flying aircraft over the Solent in World War Two.Sir Thomas Lipton - a merchant who established the renowned Lipton tea brand - and his yacht challenged five times for America's Cup glory and enjoyed the company of sailing enthusiasts King Edward VII and King George V.Mr Taylor said: 'Gelyce is particularly historic, and it's particularly beautiful.'It's had some fantastic bums on the seats as these boats were used for spectator duties.'I imagine there are some royals and all sorts of famous actors that have been on board - the elites as they call them nowadays.'It's been admired all these years by wooden boat enthusiasts like me and eventually I got the guy to sell it to me.'He added: 'I have really enjoyed renovating her.'It seemed a project that was well worth doing.This was a no brainer.'Boatbuilder Stephen Messer, of Classic Restoration Services, spent 18 months and thousands of man hours carefully restoring Gelyce to her former glory.The elegant 50ft vessel, built in 1930 by Camper & Nicholsons, the oldest leisure marine company in the world, was given to legendary yachtsman Sir Thomas Lipton to be the tender for his J Class racing yacht Shamrock V.