Witnessing this, Shazia thanks Nafisa for saving her child and reveals how she planned to kill her unborn child.

The family hears this and Fahad slaps Shazia but Nafisa stops him and tells him to forgive Shazia. Soon after this, Zain's look-alike, Rocket, tries to take Zain's place (because he loves Aaliya), but gets exposed.

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Aaliya's friend Rehan soon finds out that Nafisa was behind all this. After this, Nafisa turns good and promises to reunite Aaliya and Zain.

A heartbroken Aaliya leaves for Hyderabad without telling anyone.

Zain wants to get rid of her, as he never wanted to get married and only wanted to have girlfriends.

Zain's brother Fahad has 2 wives, Nafisa and Shazia both of whom hate each other.

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In the meantime, the truth about Barkat, Zain's long lost sister, is revealed. This is why Suriayya dislikes Aaliya and her family. Zain and Aaliya finally find Barkat and a joyous Suraiyya starts liking Aaliya and her family again, which makes Shazia and Nafisa, her other daughters-in-law, unhappy. At a party, Zain is led to believe that Aaliya loves Zubair and he humiliates her. It is then revealed that "Barkat" is not Barkat, but is Bobby, Mir Khan's real daughter. Usmaan is in an accident which leaves him paralyzed and unable to speak.

Aaliya, leaves for her hometown Bhopal and leaves a message asking him to realise his mistake. Zain and Aaliya finally express their love for one another. During all this Rizwan expresses his love for Aayat and they get engaged.

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Meanwhile, Aaliya's sister (Aayat) gets into trouble and Zain, without telling anyone, helps her out. During the investigation, Aaliya finds out how Zain helped Aayat and that his accident was caused by Rocky a guy who owned a brothel who had deceived Aayat and who Zain helped put in jail.