After 3rd day, it was sent back again to New Orleans and the package has been sitting in the distribution center for 9 days in New Orleans. We wish you would live up to the word in your title of “Service.” On Nov. Yesterday our mail carrier arrived in the dark at pm.It is 11 days today since i sent the package which contain a sensitive document and it has not been delivered, I have called the customer service but they promised to call me back after 72 hours but they never called me back. Reply This is the most unprofessional bs I have ever seen. It’s been a week and no one’s semi to know where my pkg is. Recently our mail has been arriving over an hour later than it had been.

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Reply I have sent my package from Mississippi to New Orleans, since 24th of November 2017 and i have been tracking it and it keep going in a circle.

The package first got to New Orleans which is the original destination, then the package was sent back to Jackson, MS. Brennan: We’re pleased the USPS is ready for Cyber Monday. The following day I posted the following on the River Rd. In checking it does not appear anyone at the station saw my post. Therefore I am sharing my frustration and my post on this Facebook page with the hope someone at USPS sees it and will do something about how we’ve been treated for so long.

Not realizing that i wasn’t going to be home that day i wanted to pick the package up i asked if i can pick it up the next day and the rep stated yes.

I called today 12/06/2017 and asked if the package was still there and when the rep answered the phone she said in her rude voice ” Didn’t i talk to you yesterday about holding the package today i said yes i just wanted to make sure they were still there and again very rude she stated yes the package is here for pick up.

3 days later, hasn’t arrived, no discernable information on the website, impossible to get through to sending post office by phone. Reply Hello My name is Talisha Jones and i live in Atlanta Ga and i want to inform you about the experience that i have had with the Fulton Industrial branch here in Atlanta Ga.

I rarely have to contact the post office about anything but when i contacted them about delivery.I can’t believe it’s 3 years and the United postal service is still messing this up!Reply Had my passport and travel visa send with Sunday delivery from Hawaii to NYC. The USPS has its roots in 1775 when Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first postmaster general during the Second Continental Congress. They are responsible for providing postal service to all Americans at a uniform price and quality, regardless of geography.I asked for the manager and of course she told me that he was not in.