As if we didn't already have a great collection of medical anal probing and prodding devices... ) our USA and European imports from our inclusive line of Stainless Steel Insertable toys!

Grabbing more instruments out of the good Doctor's Bag, the ano-scope or proctoscope is used to open the anal or rectal cavity and allow the Doc to look into the deep dark recesses of one's rectum!

There is a sense of fullness which butt plugs are noted for, offering both men and women additional pleasure during sex.

Aside from rectal strictures related to disease, these therapies resulted in additional strictures. They are carefully handcrafted by glassmiths who seek to create the ultimate pleasure with the ultimate quality at a very affordable price.

Many were treated with a variety of rectal dilators, which was preferable to surgical intervention. It is surprising to note that the opening of a stricture, although extremely small, could maintain adequate bowel function. Young, back in the early 1900's, the Anal/Rectal Dilators were once believed to cure constipation! Young stated that gradually widening the anus with his devices (Dilators) will treat constipation and many with a desire for relief used them for just that relief! Young's Improved Rectal Dilators [pictured above] was sold by prescription only in drugstores in the 1920's (minus the extra large 2" one we sell in our kit! But you can get the set by just ordering it from us! These are also a great solution to the many who have reactions to latex dildoes and dongs.

The earliest mention of them is found in the Code of Hammurabi, about 2200 BC. The famous Egyptian "Ebers Papyrus" (dated about 1500 BC) refers to hemorrhoids. For the next 1500 years, rectal diseases, hemorrhoids, fistulae, prolapsed, etc. Many of our customers buy the small size to start and then gradually "work" their way up!

Instructions to the patient state "pay the doctor five shekels for curing a diseased bowel." Wow! were treated with cautery, ligatures, and caustics. Because these are so comfortable, they can be worn for many hours. This is by far one of our best selling Insertable Devices for years and years, now!

These toys (with a little care) can last a lifetime!

The reason is that silicone lube may bond to the toy.Enemas and douches have been a part of hygiene and health for centuries!But in our kinky little BDSM medical scene world, it takes on a whole new form of... Our enema kit is just the attitude adjuster for that unruly patient! it's called the Real Doe for obvious reasons: realistic, yes! Similar in concept of the "Share" series of double dildoes, The Real Doe is the harnessless strap-on that only requires the inner squeeze of those PC muscles (Kegels) to hold the "bulb" shape end in and have fun using the other end...Another variation for anal play toys comes in the design of "Anal Beads", also known as climax beads, butt beads or anal poppers.The design's concept arranges of series of "balls" (usually four to eight or so), which are made of either soft or firm-textured materials (silicone is very popular), connected in graduated sections for an exquisite sensation as it is inserted and then again pulled out of the rectum! Basic intrigue with one of the most controversial areas of our bodies, started when the first human recognized an association with sexual stimulation (most notably in males: an erection! Soon after, fingers and home-grown gadgets began finding their way up into the inner sanctum of the anus!